Our Story

We Will Be the Sustainable Energy for Your Future

Our businesses in advanced chemicals, sustainable energy, aerospace, and financial services have been providing practical solutions to real-world challenges. In 2016, both our solutions along with the results of our investments in future businesses and advanced infrastructure have led to record revenues of more than USD 53.89 billion and resulted in more than USD 150.25 billion in assets. We also rose 50 places higher on the Fortune Global 500 Company list and still stayed highly competitive in every industry.

Our success can be attributed to our strategic response to rapid changes in customer needs, markets and industries. So when we saw change, we changed. We innovated and pivoted to develop differentiated solutions that were one step ahead. Hence, the results last year have been unprecedented.

We will continue to meet the changing needs of customers globally and meet their growing demands. In today's age of super-connectivity, diverse products and digital convergent solutions are necessities.

The world is now in a state of uncertainty—changes are accelerated by technology and environmental changes are alarming. Our businesses are prepared to weather these challenges and even excel, despite them. And as we do, we won't lose sight of our responsibilities as corporate citizens. Most recently, we've provided free solar energy to social welfare, education, and public facilities in South Korea, China, the US, and Europe. We also provided a student educational program to help young people understand the environment and become ecologically sensitive. We are now installing dynamic energy capabilities on every continent and socially contributing to the culture and the arts. Worldwide, wherever our businesses are, we are investing in the communities around them and boosting their local economies.

We are working hard to seek stability and innovation today while taking on the challenges for growth tomorrow. Join us.